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Diversity & Inclusion 

Under this policy, we are committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or any other protected characteristic.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees, and we will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. We will take appropriate disciplinary action against any employee who engages in discriminatory or harassing behavior, up to and including termination.

Additionally, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion at all levels of the company. This includes recruiting, hiring, and promoting employees from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, as well as providing training and support to help all employees feel valued and respected.

We believe that fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is essential for our success, and we are committed to supporting our employees in this effort. We encourage all employees to join us in creating a work environment that is inclusive and respectful of all individuals.

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