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Entrepreneurship Adopt a  Diamond  Program

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Girl Empowerment Inc. stands 

behind gender girls, rather it's race, color, or creed. Our desire is to create a neutral balance. Allowing our attention to focus on each girl's vision rather than the overall gender bias of modern society.

Here they will learn how to channel their inner feelings. As she learns confidence building along with other areas of self-development. She will also learn how to be more confident and a happier individual. 



Through practice, and technique. Girls understand what it is to be a leader. As they learn through hands on approach. At the end of the session. She will be able to clearly and concisely communicate her vision as a business  leader.


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We instill life lessons as she grows. She will understand her worth, and her ability to make her own choices. We train our girls self sufficiency, and how to be resilient when life throws them curve balls. They will understand how to bounce back  and still win!




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Our Women Leaders are here to not only be examples to our girls but to give each girl a hands-on approach. By providing her a female mentor.  Our end goal is to see her accomplish her vision. As she pursues this ongoing 

(12 week plus program). 

We believe all young ladies can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission
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